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Album Reviews

Legacy Managazine: 10/10 Legacy Magazine

Album review in Legacy Magazine

Metal Hammer: 8/10

Orkan review in Metal Hammer (UK)

Deaf Forever: 8/10 Deaf Forever

Album reivew in Rock Tribune
Rock Tribune: 8/10 Rock Tribune
Scream Magazine: 5/6 Scream Magazine

"Sistnevnte er en klassiker av dimensjoner og noe mer episk avslutning kune ikke vært laget"


Review in Scream Magazine


"Take a deep breath, try but not quite manage to come to terms with the impermanence of all you hold dear, and wrack your soul to the wonders of Heim!"

Orkan review in Metal Hammer

Placement in Legacy Soundcheck
Soundcheck: #10 Legaxy Magazine #117 2018

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With the release of a video for the track “Heim” from their album Element, Norwegian Black Metallers ORKAN show just how varied their sound can be.

The video was released September 2018 and can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/hQ_kqCeeM9U.

'Heim' from Element (September 2018)

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