'Heim' from Element

Without a doubt, ORKAN’s lineup, comprised of founder members Gjermund Fredheim (TAAKE’s live guitarist notorious for having created Black Metal’s only banjo solo) and  drummer Rune Nesse, along with bassist Sindre Hillesdal and frontman Einar Fjelldal (ex-GRAVEMACHINE), are well qualified to able to create an uncompromising sound that is not just emotion-filled, but also varied.

Having recently debuted the track “I flammar skal du eldast”, from their latest album “Element”, the Norwegian Black Metallers now show just how varied their sound can be, with the release of a video for the track “Heim”, which can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/hQ_kqCeeM9U

Drummer Rune Nesse explains:

We are excited to present Orkan’s very first music video! ”Heim” is a song that clearly stands out from the rest of the tracks on our new album, Element, and, when choosing which track to use in the making of a music video, we were all quick to agree on this particular song.  When filming we set out to convey the mood and atmosphere of the track and we’re pleased to share the result of this process with you now!

“Element” itself came into being during a particularly difficult time for ORKAN.  Having started on it in 2015, the band had to fight their way through the ravages of cancer and a rare muscular disease, but won through and have produced an album whose songs are more layered  and with a more and complex production than their debut full-length “Livlaus”.

It  is a ferocious album that deals with the power of the four elements, and stands as an homage to the unforgiving strength of the earth as witnessed by the landscape of ORKAN#s native land – the Island of Stord.  Whilst taxing in both mind and body to make given the circumstances, the resulting album has proved to be as rewarding as it was difficult to achieve,  drawing you in and totally enveloping you in darkness.

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